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The All-In-One Platform
for Appraisers

Powerful yet user-friendly software that helps appraisal teams of any size deliver on time and get paid faster

Appraisal Inbox Appraisals

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Streamline Your Business

You finally have a central, secure place for managing your entire appraisal business. Appraisal Inbox brings everything your team needs for running a successful business under one roof.

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Track Order Progress

Appraisal Inbox is a smart appraisal assignment log that tracks your team's orders through each step of the valuation process. Never again be in the dark about the status of an order.

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Meet Client Deadlines

With it's built-in team calendar, scheduling features and automated reminders, Appraisal Inbox helps you deliver on time and keep your appraisals from falling through the cracks.

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Keep Customers Happy

Appraisal Inbox puts all of your client and contact information into a neatly organized and easily searchable CRM (customer relationship manager) that keeps track of the important details.

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Secure Your Work

Appraisal Inbox stores all of your order info & workfiles in a secure database (backed-up daily). Pulling your order details up quickly is easy with robust search and filtering capabilities.

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Get Better Insights

Appraisal Inbox automatically calculates important metrics and includes powerful reporting tools to help you make better decisions by focusing on the trends that matter.

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Solo or Team

Appraisal Inbox makes collaboration simple and convenient for offices of all sizes with built-in team messaging, configurable user roles & permissions and automatic commission tracking.

Security and Reliability

Appraisal Inbox utilities bank-level SSL/TLS encryption, HTTPS by default, robust cloud servers and daily automated database back-ups to ensure your data is always available, safe and secure.

Our Security and Reliability promise

Data and Privacy

Appraisal Inbox strongly believes your data is yours and yours only. We will never sell or share your data with anyone. Additionally, you can export your data at any time, even if you decide to cancel.

See our Privacy Policy

We are Independent

Since day one, Appraisal Inbox has been completely independent, self-funded and debt-free. Since we don't have investors or third parties to answer to, 100% of our focus is on appraisers like you.

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