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Appraisal Order Tracking

Appraisal Inbox's smart assignment log tracks all of your team's appraisal orders through each step of the valuation process.

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Client & Contact CRM

Appraisal Inbox's CRM (customer relationship manager) centralizes all client and contact details, directly linking them to their appraisal orders.

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Shared Team Calendar

With it's team-focused calendar, scheduling features, automated reminders, and Google calendar sync, Appraisal Inbox helps you deliver on time.

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Smart Form

By intelligently auto-filling fields and pulling in other crucial information, Appraisal Inbox reduces double entry and saves you time.

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Order Forward

Automatically add appraisal orders into your Appraisal "Inbox" by simply auto-forwarding your AMC, lender, and client request and quote emails.

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Team Messaging

Appraisal Inbox centralizes conversations around specific appraisal orders, providing a unified location for your team to collaborate in real-time.

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Activity Feed

Appraisal Inbox enables transparency by automatically logging what changes were made, when they happened, and by which team member.

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Commission Tracking

Fee splits are automatically tracked by Appraisal Inbox, with configurable default splits based on the assignee's role and even property type.

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Insights & Statistics

Key metrics like turn times, average fees, and more are automatically calculated by Appraisal Inbox - helping you make well informed decisions.

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Workfile Storage

Appraisal Inbox provides a secure place for your team to store their workfile - all files, photos, and documents involved in the appraisal assignment.

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Customizable Tasklists

Create custom workflows with Tasklists based on property type, assign tasks to team members and set task due dates with Appraisal Inbox.

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Send Webhooks

Send your data to 3rd-party integration platforms like Zapier or even your own server, unlocking limitless automation possibilities.

Appraisal Inbox

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