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Feature Spotlight: Workfile Storage

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According to the USPAP Record Keeping Rule appraisers must keep a comprehensive and complete Workfile. In the process of an appraisal, appraisers need to collect any number of files and pieces of information to support their value. For example, in an assignment, the appraiser might need to obtain a copy of the rent roll spreadsheet from the landlord, floor plan scans and the past few years of assessments in PDF format from public records. Additionally, interior, exterior and other photos of the subject property as well as comps are typically taken and need to be stored. And once the appraisal is completed and delivered to the client, the final report (and any revisions) need to be stored as well.

Appraisal Inbox's Workfile storage gives your team a secure and convenient place to store, share and retrieve all of the files, photos, reports and other supporting documents involved in the assignment.