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Feature Spotlight: Send Webhooks

ยท One min read

With the massive growth of web-based business tools over the last decade, the ability to connect your services is more important than ever. Siloed applications that can't communicate with each other are going the way of the dinosaur (as are appraisers who refuse to learn and adopt modern tools). Technology in the appraisal industry has especially been lagging in technology and interconnectivity, resulting in time consuming double entry and serious productivity loss. But we're changing that.

Appraisal Inbox unlocks your data and productivity by allowing you to integrate with 3rd-party platforms or even your own server and create any custom integration with Webhooks. For example, whenever you add a new contact in Appraisal Inbox, you could use our Send Webhooks feature to automatically sync them to your CRM with Zapier. Or perhaps you want to send your appraisal orders to Google Sheets via Make whenever they are changed. The possibilities are endless!

To learn more, check out our Send Webhooks guide.