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Feature Spotlight: Appraisal Tasklists

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In the lifecycle of an appraisal assignment there are various "to-dos" - tasks that need to be completed. For example, everything from scheduling the inspection, pulling property records, selecting comps, writing the report, delivering it for review and everything in between. And with bifurcated appraisals, different team members are often assigned specific tasks. All of these tasks and when they were completed and by whom can be difficult if not impossible to track manually.

With Tasklists, Appraisal Inbox makes it easy for appraisal firms to create custom workflows. While there is a default Tasklist, additional Tasklist "Templates" can be configured by per-property type. For example, if your team's workflow for industrial and retail appraisals differ, that can be configured. Additionally, each Task can be assigned to different team members and given a due date (which display on the assignees Schedule and can be synced with their Google Calendar).