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Feature Spotlight: Team Messaging

ยท One min read

As the cliche goes, communication is key. On your team, you may have several people working on a specific appraisal order. For example, maybe there's someone who schedules and manages the assignment, the licensed appraiser, a trainee or two, an inspector and perhaps even a reviewer. Conversations between these various assignees often take place across a number of places like email, phone calls, messaging apps - making it difficult to keep everyone on the same page.

But instead of having to juggle it all, Appraisal "Inbox" brings conversations around a specific appraisal order into one place. With Team Messaging, your team has a single unified location to communicate about the appraisal order. In addition, Appraisal Inbox sends emails containing unread messages to the assignees on the order (optional - team members can unsubscribe). This means you don't even have to leave your email inbox to discuss an appraisal order with your team!