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· One min read

Curious about the impact of technology in the appraisal profession? Tune in to "Appraisers on Purpose" and discover how appraisers can harness the power of technology to excel in their field. Don't miss this thought-provoking conversation: Empowering Appraisers in a Tech-Driven World with Chase Pursley, founder of Appraisal Inbox, and host - Michael Hobbs.

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· One min read

In this episode of The Appraisal Buzzcast, host Hal Humphreys speaks with Chase Pursley, Founder of Appraisal Inbox. Chase tells us about his history in the industry, as well as how technology is changing the way appraisals are done. How does the commercial space compare to the residential space with bringing in new technology? How is artificial intelligence affecting the appraisal and valuation industry? Should appraisers be worried about this taking their work, or is it a tool they can use to help themselves?

View Appraisal Buzzcast episode here: Is technology helping or hurting the appraisal profession?