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Import your orders from Anow

Last updated: August 6, 2022

Unfortunately Anow doesn’t allow you to export your historical data with much detail. However, they do allow you to export just enough to migrate your key data into Appraisal Inbox.

Note: Appraisal Inbox believes that your data is yours and allows you to export Clients, Contacts & Appraisals and all of their fields to CSV at any time. Learn more about our Private Policy. See our guide on exporting your data.

Steps 1-4#

  1. Navigate to ANALYTICS
  2. Select the date range you want to export under DURING
  3. Click CREATED under BY DATE section
  4. Then click Apply


Step 5#

Scroll down and click the green EXPAND button


Step 6#

To the right click GENERATE REPORT


Step 7#

Click Export to CSV/Excel


Your export will be downloaded to your Downloads folder (or whichever location you select).

Step 8#

Then just email us with the Anow CSV file attached to and we'll import your historical Anow order data into your Appraisal Inbox account!