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Import your data from Anow

Last updated: August 21, 2022

You can import your historical order, client and contact details from Anow into Appraisal Inbox in just a few steps.

Note: Appraisal Inbox believes that your data is yours and allows you to export Clients, Contacts & Appraisals and all of their fields to CSV at any time. Learn more about our Privacy Policy. See our guide on exporting your data.

Steps 1-2

  1. Navigate to ANALYTICS
  2. Click the blue Run custom reports on our NEW Beta Insights page! link


Steps 3-4

  1. Click the Custom Reports link
  2. Then click the green Generate New Report button


Step 5

  1. Scroll down a bit and click every checkbox under the Select your data section


Steps 6-7

  1. At the bottom of the page title your report anow_export_month_day_year
  2. Click Run & Export CSV


Your export will be downloaded to your Downloads folder (or whichever location you select).

Step 8

Then just email us with the Anow CSV file attached to and we'll import your historical Anow order data into your Appraisal Inbox account!