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Forward order emails into Appraisal "Inbox"

Last updated: October 4, 2023

You can forward your AMC, lender & portal order (and quote) emails to and Appraisal Inbox will do a little magic and automatically add the order - meaning you no longer have to manually enter it! No more copy-paste-tango, email juggling & time-wasting double entry. Simply forward your order emails into Appraisal Inbox.

Note: There's a few setup requirements and other things to note:


Step 1

The person who forwards the appraisal order must be a user (Team Member) in Appraisal Inbox. That's how we match the order with your account.

Step 2

The original sender (i.e. the AMC/lender/client) should be a Contact which belongs to a Client in your account.

Step 3

Additionally, if your Client from the order email is already in Appraisal Inbox, their spelling must be exactly the same as in the email or you might end up with duplicates.

Note: Steps 2 & 3 are optional but if you skip them, you may end up with duplicate Clients & Contacts!

Example Usage

If orders come from Awesome AMC (, add "Awesome AMC" as a Client (if they aren't already) and then add a new Contact belonging to Awesome AMC using that order email address with the type of "Orders".


Assign Appraisers

You can automatically assign appraisers by "cc"ing them before forwarding the email. Keep in mind that since's this is a "cc" (carbon-copy), the assignees receive a copy of the original order email.

Add Notes

When forward the order email, anything your write above the order email body before you forward will be added to the appraisal order's Notes tab.


If you want automate the process even further, you can set up auto-forwarding rules in your email client to automatically forward order emails to